Left Hand Beer Tasting Line Up       Polestar Pilsner   Sawtooth Ale   Stranger Pale Ale   400LB Monkey IPA   Milk Stout Nitro   Black Jack Porter….served with Black Jack Porter Cupcakes….MMMMMmmmmmmmeeeeeooowww!!          

          First Introductions….LOL “Crystal wants you to know…..She shaved her arm pits for you all tonight!” She mentioned how cool it was to see all her friends and those familiar faces from her Home Town visit

It was a PURRRRfect day in Downtown Toledo, OH!!!! Tom Turner said that he has been playing for the Main Library’s Brown Bag Concerts for years and it is usually VERY HOT! Today it was sunny, but only in the

Hollywood Mike on drums, George Drewyor on Keyboards and vocals, David Morris on bass and vocals, Aayan on lead guitar and vocals.   A blended influence of Gospel, Blues, Soul and Funk.                

“Shakey”  THE STAR      

                                Sweet Revenge originally formed in the late 90’s after Troy Briggs (guitarist) left R.I.P. Rock and decided to start his own band which he