The Numbers on Paleo and Your Health Hi!  Tracy 41…9 Lives here 🙂   I have been eating 80-90% paleo for 3 years, in February. I have been crossfitting for 3 years, in February. I coach, and train, and teach…and

Theater weekend in Canton Nestled between Ann Arbor and Dearborn Heights, Canton, Mi. is a little over an hour north of Toledo. Canton is a rapidly growing area with abundant new housing starts and business opportunities. The Village Theater at

Trying New Beers

Beer festivals and tastings such as the Toledo BrewFest earlier this month can be a great way to open your mind to new tastes and experiences. Some of my favorite brews were introduced to me at these types of events.

Looking to have fun this year? It’s easy to stay at home or hang out at a friend’s house. Why don’t you try something new and explore the Toledo area? From swimming to sledding and cruising the Maumee River, the