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  When Josie is orphaned, her parents having died of influenza two days from each other, she has no idea what to expect as she is unceremoniously deposited at the home of her aunt and uncle. The neat little home,

For most mid-grade and young adult readers, school is in full swing and that means your young reader is probably already swamped with required reading. Hopefully parents can successfully set aside time where TV and social media are put to

11 year old Julia hasn’t seen her mother since she ran off to join the hippies. Grandmother Lancaster has just died (by noon, as she said she would, and Lancasters always keep their promises) and Julia is left with her

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It’s back to school for most kids this week and while we want our kids to be engaged in required reading, we also, as parents, even parents of older kids, want to see our children lost in a really good

The Gate in the Wall

It’s rare to read a children’s novel and wish there were a sequel but Ellen Howard’s THE DOOR IN THE WALL is an exception. Here in NW Ohio we have a wonderful historical phenomenon known as the canals. Just a

What kid has not hunkered down to a good Judy Blume book. Loved by pre-adolescent girls everywhere, Judy is known for telling it like it is without censorship. She knows kids and what’s important to them, whether is a first menstrual period,

      I love a book about going to Grandma’s in the summer. Richard Peck’s A LONG WAY FROM CHICAGO is just such a book. When you live in Chicago in 1929, at the time of Al Capone and Bugs

Summer Reading

This sweet little book, first published in 1944 and re-copyrighted in 1972 is amazingly timely, dealing with exclusion and verbal bullying. THE HUNDRED DRESSES by Eleanor Estes Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin. Nobody has ever heard a name like Wanda or

The days have been so glorious that between swimming, tennis, softball and a host of other summer activities, I can’t imagine any outdoor quiet activity better than reading. My husband just affixed a cool roof to my forward facing 4

It’s nearing summer vacation, and kids everywhere will be looking for things to do. When I was little the library was one of the few places for air conditioning, and with two working parents, vacation was a cottage for the