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  My Name is Murray…Murray loves to be pampered and to be the center of attention.  So on your Birthday……..EAT, DRINK, and BE MURRAY!!


You say it’s your B I R T H D A Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Scroll down to see all of the

Birthday Specials in the Toledo Area

**Restaurant Specials in the Toledo Area  (subject to change,drivers license or proof is usually required, and restrictions may apply)




(Closed Sunday)

A FREE Piece of Pie w/$6.00 purchase

2103 N. Reynolds Rd.

Toledo, OH 43615

Cocina de Carlos

FREE CUPCAKE  from “7 little cup cakes”,

free Mexican hat ( sombrero)

and of course “feliz cumpleanos song”. Cha cha cha.

Carronade Dr.

Perrysburg, OH  43551


…………..Hey Cat, I forgot to mention. If you don’t already have them listed Paddy Jack’s will give you a free dinner on your Birthday if you show proper ID.      Chris J. But it has to be on your actual Birthday


Tony Packo

$10.00 off of your bill

7 South Superior St.
Toledo, OH. 43402
Phone: (419) 246-1111


Mano’s Greek Restaurant

Free Piece of Baklava

1701 Adams Street
Toledo, OH 43604-5486
(419) 244-4479



Free Dessert

426 North Superior Street
Toledo, OH 43604-1416
(419) 242-2424





I was already planning to go to Degage tonight for dinner before I got your list of specials. We went there tonight. They gave me a free entree and dessert when I showed my drivers license to prove that today was my birthday.


Oliver House…Rockwells,Maumee Bay Brew Pub, Mutz

Free Dessert

27 Broadway Street
Toledo, OH  43604
(419) 241-1253



Barry Bagels – Westgate

If you have their rewards card, you get a free cookie.

3301 W. Central Ave.
Toledo, OH 43606
(419) 537-9377

Doc Watson’s

1 Menu item FREE up to $15…Must be on your Birthday

Brownstone Tavern

Free Piece of Birthday Cake

847 West Alexis Rd.
Toledo, OH 43612
(419) 478-0324





Mancy’s Steak House

Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake for $7.00

953 Phillips Ave.
Toledo, OH 43612
(419) 476-4154


Red Wells Restaurant

Free Dessert

1740 W. Sylvania Avenue
Toledo, OH 43613
(419) 794-8205


The Black Pearl

1/2 off the Birthday Persons bill…up to $10.00

4630 Heatherdowns Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43614
(419) 380-1616


Mi Hacienda Ltd

Free ice cream is brought to you at your table while a birthday song is sung to you

3302 Glanzman Rd.
Toledo, OH 43614
(419) 380-0411


South End Grille

They offer choice of: free lunch, dinner or adult beverage. Kids eat free everyday!! One free kids meal for children 12 and under with purchase of regular menu item of $6.99 or greater.

5105 Glendale Ave.

Toledo, OH  43614



Glendale Garden Cafe

Free Dessert

2521 Glendale Ave
Toledo, OH 43614
(419) 382-1011


La Scola Italian Grill

Free Spumoni Dessert

5375 Airport Hwy.
Toledo, OH 43615
(419) 381-2100





Mango Tree

Let the chef know and he will send out a free Birthday Appetizer

217 South Reynolds Rd.
Toledo, OH 43615
(419) 536-2883

Keep Calm Birthday

 Cousino’s Steakhouse

Free Dessert

1842 Woodville Rd.
Oregon, OH  43616


BJ’s Hide-A-Way Steakhouse

Free Creme Brulee

506 S. Lallendorf Rd.
Oregon, OH 43616
(419) 690-1555



Shorty’s True American Roadhouse

Free Slice of Cheesecake

5111 Monroe St.
Toledo, OH 43623
(419) 841-9505


Rib Cage Restaurant and Lounge

Free Dessert

144 Chesterfield Ln.
Maumee, OH 43537
(419) 893-6966


Stella’s Restaurant & Bar

Birthday Guest is given a glass flower or paperweight

104 Louisiana Avenue
Perrysburg, OH 43551
(419) 873-8360


Casa Barron Mex. Restaurant

Free Sundae

209 Louisiana Ave.
Perrysburg, OH 43551
(419) 874-5361


Fat Fish Blue

Birthday Person gets in free at Funny Bone Comedy Club

6140 Levis Commons Boulevard
Perrysburg, OH 43551
(419) 931-3474


Treo Restaurant & Bar

complimentary desert for their guests’ birthdays

5703 Main Street
Sylvania, OH 43560
(419) 882-2266



Mancy’s Italian Grill

$15.00 off your entree or a Tiramisu Dessert on the day of your Birthday

5453 Monroe St
Toledo, OH 43623
(419) 882-9229‎


Ciao Ristorante

50% off food portion of the bill

6064 Monroe Street
Sylvania, OH 43560
(888) 456-3463




Chowders ‘N Moor

Free Birthday Brownie

312 South Street
Waterville, Ohio 43566










free flan dessert Biaggi’s….you can follow this link and get regular discounts…no specials just for birthdays


Bob Evans….they offer a birthday card for kids…it is on the kids menu…you fill it out…give it to that locations manager and he/she will send you out a card


Buffalo Wild Wings…Called Oregon location….Free Birthday Dessert which includes Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream

Loma Linda

.…a Sombrero is placed on your head, a song is sung to you, and you receive free fried ice cream 

(Closed Sundays and Holidays)

10400 Airport Hwy


Fritz & Alfredos

Free Fried Ice Cream

3025 N. Summit St (Near Point Place)



Free Fried Ice Cream

7742 Bancroft (1 Mile W. of McCord)


Barron’s Cafe’

Free Fried Ice Cream

13625 Airport Hwy, Swanton, OH


Koto Buki

Free Dessert w/Candle…usually Japanese Ice Cream

5577 Monroe St (Promenade Shops)



Free Dessert

2247 S. Reynolds












Free Cheesecake…they sing to you….take your pic…and you take home a birthday card with your pic on it.

5294 Monroe St.

Toledo, OH  43623


If you know of any other specials that you do not see listed here.  Please email them to me at  Thanks


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CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF PLACES IN THE TOLEDO AREA TO HAVE A KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Lynda Alvardo Great site… A must see… OOOO and Mongolian BBQ gives you a free birthday meal, if you sign up to be on their mailing list… ; ) THANKS!!!

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    Thank you, Cat, for posting the area’s birthday specials. It’s my birthday and My friend and I are trying to decide between Ciao’s, Mancy’s Italian, or Dégagé. All three offer wonderful birthday deals. Dégagé with its live music may win. Happy New Year, Cat, and may you continue to prosper.

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