When Josie is orphaned, her parents having died of influenza two days from each other, she has no idea what to expect as she is unceremoniously deposited at the home of her aunt and uncle. The neat little home,

11 year old Julia hasn’t seen her mother since she ran off to join the hippies. Grandmother Lancaster has just died (by noon, as she said she would, and Lancasters always keep their promises) and Julia is left with her

Mama Meow’s Top Picks for May… May 12-15: Ohio Spring Fest @ Stranahan Theater  It’s the 1st annual Ohio Spring Fest! There will be rides, a dog show, petting zoo, BMX show, fireworks, monster trucks, music and more. Hours: Thursday

We are slightly snowed in on this sunny Saturday, April 9th. But I am cheered by the opportunity to review a new book from Guardian Angel’s author Barbara Bockman. Let me back up briefly. About a week ago, I had

Mama Meow’s Top Pick for April… April 10: Kids Opening Day @ Fifth Third Field Kids Opening Day will feature the brand new Hensville Family Theme Park! There will be obstacle courses, bounce houses, activity mazes, slides and interactive sports

WHAT IS PUBLIC HEALTH? Public health refers to the health and wellness of people and their communities. This can mean vaccinating children to prevent the spread of disease, or educating people about the risks of alcohol and tobacco. School nutrition

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Meow Mix by Dee Brown Hello Everyone! I am Dee, formerly from Dee’s Day Trippin and now from Meow Mix. Meow Mix is the place to go for a little bit of everything. Do you like wine, fashion, local music or art

Purr-son of the Month: Dee Brown I wanted to end this year on a high note with this blog, and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it than to interview Dee Brown of Delightful Art With Dee Gallery,