February is American Heart Month <3
February 10, 2016 Share

February is American Heart Month <3


February is American Heart Month. The American Heart Association devotes this month to the education, and prevention, of heart health issues. The proper amount of sleep, a healthy diet and physical activity are all factors in good heart health. Quitting smoking and reducing stress are also excellent ways to reduce your risk for heart disease and heart attack.

“Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, yet only one in five American women believe heart disease is her greatest health threat. With the right information, education and care, heart disease in women can be treated, prevented, and even ended.”

“Exercise and eating nutritious foods aren’t the only things that can help increase heart health; sleep is also a factor. The better night’s sleep you get, the healthier your heart will be. According to a 2011 study by the American Heart Association, poor sleep quality is linked to an increased risk of high blood pressure, a potential cause of heart disease.”

So…how do you reduce stress???? This is probably the toughest one on the list (for most people). Try meditation or yoga, eat well, get enough sleep, exercise and try aromatherapy (lavender & chamomile have proven calming qualities). There are overlapping recommendations, here! You need to eat healthy foods, sleep the suggested 6-8 hours, consistently, and exercise to reduce stress….these are the same medically, and scientifically, derived recommendations for good heart health.

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are one of the leading smoking cessation products on the market right now. Quitting smoking greatly increases your health, and now there is a multitude of items available (online & in specialty retail stores) to aide you in quitting.

With as little as 30 minutes a day, five times a week, of aerobic exercise (including walking) you can reduce your risk of heart disease. When you increase physical activity a.k.a. burning calories, you will lose weight…add a cleaner, healthier diet to that, and you are improving your overall well-being. Want to ease into a healthier diet? Try reducing your salt, fat and sugar intake, first. You will start to have more energy, fell less tired and begin losing weight.

February is about LOVE. Take care of your heart, so you can take care of the hearts of those your love.



-All quoted resources and information are provided by the American Heart Association