Toledo Music Blog #1: A Little Bit About Your Host
April 7, 2016
Orlando Finelli (1 article)

Toledo Music Blog #1: A Little Bit About Your Host

Hey everybody! We’re finally getting this blog on the road. So for my first post, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and my experience in the music scene in Toledo and Northern Ohio, but I’m not actually going to start with me.  We’re going back to the early 80s.

My father, Steve Finelli, moved to the Toledo area and began playing music here.  He played at many different places, like The Coach House, Sherrie’s Place Upstairs, Debbie’s Southwyck Lounge and many others, those are just the ones I can remember. Fast forward to 1988 and to Any Wednesdays.  Any Wednesdays is a musicians party that has been going on since 1963, and is still going on the first Wednesday of every month at the original house in the Old West End.  So in 1988 my father went to Any Wednesdays and was sitting on top of the park bench that sat in the kitchen, at the time, and he was playing The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel.  My mother came in and heard it, and began singing harmony with him, and that is how my parents met.  They began playing music together and got married in September of 1991, I was born in June of 1992.

I grew up listening to my parents play music and by the time I was 5-years-old I was going out with them and singing with them.  It all started with Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin.  When I was 7 I started taking guitar lessons, but like most kids that age, I didn’t stick with it.  Then when I was 12, I was sitting in my living room with my dad watching TV and I said, “Dad, I wanna play guitar.”  “Well,” he said, “there are 7 of them up in the closet upstairs, go grab one and start playing.”  So I did.  I was mostly self taught, but he helped me with my first few songs.  Then I started going to open mics with him.

We started at the Bronze Boar, and the only music I could play at that time was Green Day.  Then I played more venues and started playing the Beatles, which I still get asked to do all the time, but now I have a wide variety of songs spanning 10 hours or so.  I have also played a whole range of venues.  Spanning all over Northern Ohio and some of South-East Michigan.  So that’s a bit about me, now here’s what this blog will be in the future:

I want to do spotlight blogs on different local musicians in the form of solo musicians and groups, and also venues with input from musicians themselves, and their fans. Keep posted for more info.






Orlando Finelli

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