April Showers means more library time!
April 7, 2016
Candace Hardy (22 articles)

April Showers means more library time!

If your part of the country is like NW Ohio, you’ve probably experienced very little spring time weather. Cold, rainy, flurries here have turned  what should be kite flying and bike riding weather into hunker down with hot chocolate and a good book weather. But that’s OK with us readers.

I’d like to begin with a favorite of mine, award winning book, The Borning Room by Paul Fleischman. Set in the post Civil War frontier era, the story is told from the viewpoint of a young Ohio farm girl and follows her from young girlhood, through marriage and children, to the end of her life. The borning room was a small room off the kitchen where women gave birth and  the seriously ill went to die.

Georgina Lott, born in 1851, is the first of the children whose name is carefully written in the family Bible after the losses of two babies. Born to abolitionists,  she is both excited and afraid as she discovers her very first runaway slave, Cora. Her friend Hattie, filled with information about the prison sentences and fines for those help runaways has Georgina afraid to involve her family. So she hides Cora in the loft where it’s clean and dry.

When her mama’s baby is due to arrive, Georgina quickly follows all of the instructions, a mix of superstition and frontier tradition; everything from uncorking bottles to opening drawers and doors, shutting windows, unlocking locks and untying nots. When nothing is left to do and the baby still hasn’t come, Georgiana fetches Cora from the barn.

A 5.5 grade level makes this a high interest but not exceedingly high vocabulary read for the child who loves historical fiction. A terrific read. One to which I award 5 bags of catnip.

Candace Hardy