More from Judy Blume
August 16, 2016
Candace Hardy (22 articles)

More from Judy Blume

It’s back to school for most kids this week and while we want our kids to be engaged in required reading, we also, as parents, even parents of older kids, want to see our children lost in a really good book.

Again I’m sharing a wonderful Judy Blume book for the older mid-grade and somewhat sophisticated reader.


It’s 1948 and curious imaginative Sally J Freedman is ready to take on the world. In a story made timely and relevant as only Judy Blume can do, Sally’s family is readying to winter in Florida partly for the health of her scientific and friendless brother, Douglas. Leaving her dentist father behind is heartbreaking but made bearable by numerous letters to her dad whom she has named Doey-Bird.

Sally arrives in Miami Beach with her mother, brother and grandmother Ma Fanny, determined to hate it until she can return home.

Sally is soon kept busy by her friends in her apartment who, like her are Jewish and in varying degrees of Jewish observance.

The very religious Daniels family live next door with their daughter Bubbles, a junior in highschool, the Rubins, Andrea and little sister Linda, and their beloved cat, Omar.

Her imagination allows her to be a movie star, detective and the love interest of a “latin lover”. She has also convinced herself that Adolf Hitler is alive and well in the person of Mr Zavodsky who is even a greater person of interest after the installation of a party line.

You’ll laugh and cry with her antics as she struggles to fit in.

Judy Blume, you never fail as a mid-grade author.


Candace Hardy