Time for summer reading!
June 3, 2016
Candace Hardy (22 articles)

Time for summer reading!

The days have been so glorious that between swimming, tennis, softball and a host of other summer activities, I can’t imagine any outdoor quiet activity better than reading. My husband just affixed a cool roof to my forward facing 4 seater glider swing and it’s the perfect cozy spot for reading, even in a light summer shower.

I have something perfect for the Itty Bitty Kitty to start us off. Harriet’s Had Enough by Elissa Haden Guest¬†with wonderful warm watercolor illustrations by Paul Meisel.

This wonderful work addresses the child’s mood and how a bad day can escalate into a worse day. Harriet (wonderfully portrayed in the persona of a raccoon) has ignored her mother’s wishes for her to clean up her mess. She ignores the requests and continues playing. When mama reaches a boiling point and Harriet is sent to time out, she spends the time packing her little suitcase.

Of course, Harriet doesn’t get very far before she encounters family members who wonder why she’s running away from home. And each time, her response is the same. “Mama’s mean.”

And each family member tells her that they too must clean up and do things they don’t like doing. She visits with Grandma who is gardening; Papa, who is making his wonderful spaghetti sauce; and lastly Mama who offers a cozy warm sweater as the evening is getting chilly.

Guest’s style is easy going and comforting, not reproachful. A great text that opens itself up to discussion with the littlest kitty!


Candace Hardy