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Christmas in Toledo…an Event

I grew up out in the boooonies/farmlands of Toledo….so my view of Christmas may be different than yours, but…..

When I was a kid…It seemed like I received a doll and set of play dishes.  (Mrs. Beasley, Chatty Cathy, Baby Tenderlove, Raggedy Ann, Barbie, Ken, and the Barbie Camper.

I had never heard of a Video Game let alone a Computer.   Waiting for Rudolph the Reindeer, or Snoopy to come on the TV was a big deal, and if  I was allowed to have a glass of pop while watching it.  I was the shits.

Later came Children’s Wonderland at the Rec Center, Lights Before Christmas at the Zoo, and the Wolcott  House.

We would see the Melting Snowman Campbell Soup commercial, the Folgers Coffee commercial.

Campbell’s Soup

Folger’s Christmas

Frank Sinatra, Elvis…before my time, but still a Fav for Christmas Music

Santa wasn’t waiting at the mall when I was real little.  He came in a helicopter after dropping ping-pong balls and landed at Southland Shopping Center or Westgate and was waiting in the parking lot or outside of JCPenney in a little house.  I remember standing in the cold, scared to death, waiting to tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas.  Truthfully, I always asked for a real Horse every Christmas and Birthday, but never got one.  Wa Wa

School groups would preform their Holiday songs and skits in the center of the Southwyck Shopping Center where there were stockings hung for you to give to the needy.

At 15 tragedy hit my family when 2 days before Christmas my idol/second mother/ sister was killed in a Car Accident.  We had decorated our first real Christmas Tree that she had begged my father for and which she had placed all of our presents under. Chris was to get married in the Spring.  We spent Christmas Day in the funeral home and Christmas was never the same.  This year was the 1st year that I didn’t feel sick while putting up the Christmas Tree and the Christmas Spirit did return when I had my boys.

Speaking of my boys…one of the fondest memories that I have is when they were riding in the front of the shopping cart oblivious to me placing their gifts in the back of the cart.

Being woke up to see what Santa brought at the break of dawn.

and…One year my youngest wanted a game that he swore he saw on TV called “I got my eye out for you”.   I searched high and low as a parent would with no luck at finding such an animal.  Hoping he would forget, Christmas morning came.  He opened all of his presents….was all happy….and then he remembered and cried out WAAAAA wheres my “EYE OUT FOR YOU”.   We have this on video and to this day none of us still have a clue to what he was talking about.

This is also one of the first few Christmas’s since I lost my Mom.  She would always make us laugh when she would wear the Christmas Bows from her gifts on her head.  She is also the one that taught me how to cook and bake a holiday feast.

My parents never let me forget the true meaning of Christmas.  We would always be apart of all the Christmas happenings at our church and attended Sunday School and Church every Sunday Morning.

Other Christmas traditions in Toledo…

Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties

Gift Exchanges

Christmas PJ Parties

Christmas Cookie Exchange Parties

Caroling to the Shut-ins and have hot Chocolate

Leaving Cookies out for Santa

Helping out at Soup Kitchens

Going to Christmas Tree Farms to pick out your tree

Silver Trees w/Color Wheel

Riding around looking at Christmas Lights…especially the house located off of Key Street

Looking at lights with my Great Aunt and going to a neighborhood where each street was decorated to a theme and had the same lighted figure in there front yard.  I wish I knew where that was.

Opening Gifts…youngest to oldest….which worked out great for me….I was the youngest

Stealing Christmas Cookies out of the freezer and dipping/melting them into hot chocolate w/MARSHMELLOWS

My Aunts Plum Pudding, Peanut Brittle, and Fudge

Putting Baby Jesus in the Manager Scene on Christmas Day.

Cabbage Patch Dolls and Beanie Babies

Snow Angels and Snow Forts

Midnight Church Service

Christmas Pajamas

Christmas seems to bring back memories such as lost love ones, broken hearts, hard times, and hopefully good times.

Jesus is the season and may your Christmas be blessed,

Cat ^ ^