March 9, 2015 Share

Glass City Wine Festival 2015

Drawing in thousands of people from all over, this festival of wines is undoubtedly a popular Midwest event to look forward to every year! Having been to many wine tastings, the experience of a well thought out wine festival like that of The Glass City Wine Festival was both an adventure of tastes and culture that could only be rivaled by touring the many vineyard showcased here in just one evening.

Filling the air like a smooth Pinot Noir  for the ears, the soulful jazz of The Skip Turner Band and Pianist Brian Timmons  added to the festival in the same way fine cheeses add to a wine tasting.

I must say, as a craft beer fanatic, I truly LOVED this affair of fine beverages. The wineries, vineyard and vendors were great and had a lot offer, from drinks and foods to tasting classes and Amish made bars and wine cabinets.

My personal favorite wines showcased were Al-Bi’s Merlot with its smooth and peppery finish, Emerine Estates’ Seduction Pinot Noir with hints of coffee and cocoa nibs, Humble Bee vineyard’s Cleveland Sunset orange and strawberry honey wine and the most interesting of all….. Buckeye Winery’s Jalapeno hot and spicy wine. Great on its own but amazing once mixed with their very own bloody mary mix.

With all being said, Thanks to the many  whom were involved in making such a success, I now have an overwhelming interest in touring the many wineries and vineyards of the Midwest.

Cheers and hope to see you all next year!

 Proceeds from the Glass City Wine Festival of 2015 went to the Northwest Food Bank to families in need throughout the distribution of the many pantries here in Northwest Ohio!