March 1, 2015
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Lylanne’s Art Pad: Purr-son of the Month

Purr-son of the Month: Dani Herrera

Dani Herrera

Dani Herrera is definitely an art purr-son you need to know in Toledo. If you do not know her purr-sonally, perhaps you know her work; it really does speak volumes for her and is fast becoming a common staple around art galleries and personal collections around Toledo and beyond. In fact, not long after this interview with Dani, the City Paper’s “Best of Toledo” issue came off the press and she was voted runner-up for Best of Toledo Artist 2014, which is well-deserved. So without further ado, I’m pleased to present my March interview with one of the premier artists of Toledo:

LM: When did you first start creating art? Has it been a lifelong activity or something you came to later in life?

DH: I’ve always done some form of art but didn’t start creating what I do until 2009.

LM: Who are the artists that you admire most? Do any of them influence your work?

DH: I LOVE Anne Carrington and, yes, I often am inspired by her work.

LM: What mediums do you work in and which is your favorite?

DH: I work in anything I can find: dryer Lint, hair, beads, old clothes. My favorite right now is felt and dryer lint.

LM: When did you sell your first piece of work? What was it, and how did that make you feel?

DH: My first piece I sold was in 2009, it was a tree made from zippers and I cried from joy and from being grateful that someone liked my work enough to spend their hard earned money on my piece.

LM: Do you have a studio or special place where you create your work?

DH: I work from home. I used to work in the basement but moved up to my bedroom for fresh air and natural light.

LM: I love your work, it’s so unique! When I see one of your pieces, I know it’s you’re the artist immediately, without even looking for your signature. How did you find your technique, was it though a class or did you discover it yourself?

DH: I just fell into working with mixed media. My father passed away when I was young and my mother saved his clothes; which made me think about how we just save clothes in the closet. So, I created a portrait of my father for my sister out of his clothes.

LM: Did you go to school for art specifically? If so, where?

DH: I did not go to school for art; in fact, I took my portfolio to the Detroit Art Institute for them to look at and they told me I was no good, so I gave up on my dreams until 2009.

LM: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

DH: You are only given one life so don’t settle for less.

LM: What’s the worst advice you were given?

DH: Money is most important in sales.

LM: What’s one piece of advice that you’d give to aspiring artists?

DH: Never give up, and it takes a lot of hard work. It doesn’t just happen overnight with selling your work. It takes a lot more than just creating the piece. A lot of business aspects are behind creating and selling your work.

LM: Where would you like to see your art in five years?

DH: Wherever God will open the doors for me.

LM: When is your next exhibit and where?

DH: During March at Downtown Latte (the whole month I’ll be on display), and March 7th 11-1 pm will be my artist reception.

LM: Are you involved with any local art groups?

DH: Yes, I try to stay involved in as many as I can and give help or advice to anyone who may need it.

LM: Do you do commission works?

DH: Yes, that is where most of my business comes from.

LM: How can people contact you?

DH: Either on Facebook at paperDENIMart , my personal page Dani Herrera, or email me @

Thank you, Dani, for taking time out of your busy schedule. I wish you even more success and you move forward in your art career!

Below is a sampling of some of Dani’s work, but I strongly suggest you make your way to Downtown Latte this month and see it up close and personal!

Dani Herrera

Dani Herrera

Dani Herrera


Dani Herrera


Dani Herrera


Dani Herrera


Dani Herrera


Dani Herrera


Dani Herrera


Dani Herrera


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