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Richard Marx at Valentine Theatre, Toledo, OH EVENT


My favorite part of coming to the Valentine Theatre is just pushing back and experiencing the awe of it’s lush beauty while waiting for the show I am attending to begin…..



ANOTHER WHITE DASH by Butterfly Boucher (yep..that’s her name…Butterfly) was playing in the background as the crowd waited for Richard Marx

Richard started the night out with his hit song “ENDLESS SUMMER NIGHTS“….which happened

to be the song I posted to FACEBOOK and was humming all day….lol

and then he played  “SATISFIED”


There must be more to livin’ than nine to five

Why should we wait for some better time
There may not even be a tomorrow    (LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Ain’t no sense in losing your mind
I’m gonna make it worth the ride

Don’t you know, I won’t give up until
I’m satisfied


Richard said, “It has been 2 years since I was in your HOOD”

The last time was with the Toledo Symphony….A little different than going on stage all by yourself.

Playing Acoustic is kinda like being out there without a net.

He told the audience to just RELAX and pretend they were at his house and “Grab a BEER”


Richard promised us that he would play us some tunes that would take us through his career and a only a few new songs

(he goes to concerts too and knows that you like to hear hits)


He told us how he had recorded with a lot of people … Luther Vandross was one of those people….Richard and Luther soon became good friends.



Dance with My Father” is the title track to singer-songwriter Luther Vandrossthirteenth studio album. With Richard Marx, Vandross wrote the song based on his personal experience. Its poignant lyrics recall childhood memories with Vandross’ father, who used to dance with his mother.

Despite the lack of promotion due in part to Vandross’ hospitalization, “Dance with My Father” became one of the requested songs at the time. During the 2004 Grammy Awards, “Dance with My Father” earned Vandross the Song of the Year and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance accolades.





Richard Marx really was quite comical…he heard someone burp in the audience..and he said..”Did you just burp?”   “Well, I did tell you

to pretend you were at my home….I guess you’d to that at my house.”


When the crowd would applaud…he would give a silly look like…who me?

and then he says……..”I guess we should get one of these PUSSY BALLADS out of the way” and then played “ONE THING LEFT TO DO”


Richard gave us some insight on how he writes a song…..


He said the music usually comes first….he lives with it…humming it out in his everyday life and then tries to figure out what it is telling him.

Sometimes ,on rare occasions, it all comes at the same time (the lyrics and the music).


Back in 1991 when he wrote “Hazard” …a song about a missing girl named Mary…he used his archaic Panasonic Cassette Player.






His wife Cindy (who he said he knew was HAWT) thought Hazzard would be a hit and he only recorded it to prove that she was W_R_O_N_G…….He did it for all men who deal with the fact that MEN CAN NEVER BE RIGHT!!!!

Cindy WAS RIGHT…it became one of Richard’s most popular songs…peaking at the top of the charts.


Richard kept saying..”OK, I’m going to drop another name.”


and talked about working with the following artists………Keith Urban…..Life House……InSync….Chris Daughtry …Josh Groben….Barbara Streisand …..Ringo Star……and Shelia E (who gave him the recipe for the Brew he was drinking on stage for his voice)

The Brew…..Lemon Juice, Honey, Crushed Ginger, & tons of cayenne (to be sipped to avoid trips to the restroom…lol)




Richard talked of how he missed his father Dick Marx who passed away in August of 1997.

Dick Marx was an American jazz pianist and arranger. He also composed for film, television, and commercials.

He said “JINGLES” are sort of nonexsistant these day…..but his dad wrote the best of them

He played the song “THROUGH MY VEINS” in tribuite to his late father……He played so intensly…I could see his veins pop out from his neck.









Then he played the song “SAVE ME”….with a video of his 3 sons, Brandon on guitar (born 1990), Lucas on Piano (born 1992), and Jesse

on Drum(born 1994)……..I got that (IT’S AWESOME) shiver when I heard the inherited similarities in their voices.


There were 2 women who showed up at the concert that were recognized before the show by 101.5 The River as ticket winners..

Richard called out to the two women who got together after several years just to come to this concert…..they had brought albums with them of Richard Marx….


Richard said ” Everyone has made a FASHION HAIR ERROR at some point in their lives…but…..“Your Shit’s not on YouTube.”










Then he unplugged his guitar and sat down at the edge of the stage and performed “ALWAYS ON YOUR MIND”



He left the stage and then came back with










If you plan on catching a Richard Marx concert…..be ready to SING……he was constantly bringing the audience in on his songs.