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Stand Up Toledo at Maumee Indoor Theatre January 15, 2012



Far Right Pic:

Backstage before the EVENT.

Pic Below:

I’m standing on stage before it became crowded and the comedians came out…Look at the faces on the crowd…I guess I better not purrrrrsue the career of a comedian….LOL


















Hosted by Chili Challis, who has headlined clubs, casinos, colleges and corporate shows for 20+ years…..

a former staff writer for the ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’







19 yr. old Nathan Kime…Said…Pointing to the big screen behind him, “Look Mom…My Name is on the Maumee Indoor Theatre!”











Steve Cathcart…from Cleveland

Asked…What if I introduced myself…??….Hi I’m Steve Cathcart…One time I tried to make out with my cousin







Meghan O Koesters wanted to be introduced as


Went to BGSU…Preforming Arts

Meghan let us all know that it’s tough to be a woman comedian

and that her college major doesn’t get the credit it deserves.




Kool Keith


Well…He’s just KOOOOL.

He came out wearing a white brother’s ( lighter complextion) mask…and made the joke that he wore it because ..you know….He thought it was a good idea since he was driving to Maumee.


Catch Keith at OUR BROTHERS PLACE on Thursdays.











Mark Frederick…told us some personal things…with his Mother- in- law

in the audience.

He bought a motorcycle and went to do the low biker wave…and just ended up raising his hand and waving like crazy..High up in the air.







Jake Dickey….you may know from WISE ASS WEDNESDAYS at

Comedy Connxtions.


He thinks it might be kinda AWESOME if Jesus was Black…then we’d have

chocolate wafers at communion.

……and he just kept waiting for Chaz Bono to dance to “Dude Looks Like a Lady”

on Dancing with the Stars!!



Brandon Doriot said….he like to get EWWWW’s from the crowd…

just as much as applause and laughs.

And you know those dog rescue commercials that break everyone’s hearts?

They say that 3 out of 5 dogs are homeless…..well…he’s pretty sure that dogs

can live in the wild….

and I will purrrrsonally forgive him for the cat jokes.






Cheryl Henke…Introduces herself as the only

Premenopausal Comedian


She tells us all how tough it is to date in 2012 in your 40’s

and how everyone is expected to be stick figures…

Why don’t they call the line for Big Girls…


Try laying on Vertical Striped Sheets…you’ll appear thinner.









Corey King

With all of these New Years Resolutions and Fitness Training bullshit…

all he really hopes for is that his…NIPPLES STOP MOVING…when

he brushes his teeth.








Donny P.

Just became a father…

It’s funny how after you have a baby…you start judging other babies..

You know…when someone shows you their baby….they think it is the most

beautiful creature…and you may just be thinking CREATURE.


Donny thinks ThunderCats are the gayist cartoon of the 80’s behind He-man.



All Cat’s are KOOOOL….lol






And then there were the biggest laughs from and crowd pleaser..


Joey Barone..grandson of Mama Rosie from Rosie’s Italian and son of Dr. Barone, plastic surgeon…NO…he says he

can’t get you a discount.

Introduced by Chili as leaving for L.A. soon.

Oh the humor between a Guy… his X-Box… and his woman.








The Final Applause and Last Laugh!!!





















Jason Kelley, along with Laura Spiess (J.L. Entertainment Services, Inc ) wrapping up the evening and thanking everyone for supporting Toledo Comedians.