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The Numbers on Paleo and Your Health

The Numbers on Paleo and Your Health

Hi!  Tracy 41…9 Lives here 🙂


I have been eating 80-90% paleo for 3 years, in February. I have been crossfitting for 3 years, in February. I coach, and train, and teach…and preach the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle based on personal experience with CrossFit and Paleo.


I recently had blood work done for a physical. I have not had a physical in years!!! Actually, not since before I lost 150 pounds 6 1/2 years ago. The results back in 2008 were terrible, scary, atrocious and all-around awful!

My numbers, and results, this time around are worth bragging about…in fact, I would shout “MY CHOLESTEROL IS 157!!!!!” from the rooftops, if it was possible…my cholesterol was over 300 in 2008.


Eating a clean, healthy diet of meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and specific fats has led me to today…where everyone in the doctor’s office was shocked and impressed with the best numbers they’ve seen in years 🙂


I walk the walk and talk the talk…these lab results are proof positive that a consistent, healthy diet and regular exercise are key factors to true health and wellness.


Here’s the breakdown of the most common test results people are concerned with:


TEST                        MY NUMBERS             ACCEPTABLE RANGE

Hemoglobin                    12.9 g/dl                               [12.1-17.2]

Thyroid                           1.95 ulU/ml                              [.5-6]

Cholesterol                     157 mg/dl                                [0-200]

Triglycerides                  43 mg/dl                                 [35-150]

HDL (good)                   54 mg/dl                                  [40-100]

LDL (bad)                      94 mg/dl                                   [0-130]

Cholesterol Ratio           2.91 ratio                                 [3.7-5.6]

Glucose                          88 mg/dl                                  [65-100]

Vitamin D                      48.3 ng/dl                                [30-100]


*Today is also my 87th day of not smoking cigarettes…and I feel GREAT!!!!