March 7, 2010 Share

True Friend?

Will I ever find that true friend?  Maybe a Cat’s TRUE FRIEND is a dog.   lol

People never fail to amaze me.  The rich at times give less than the poor.  Those you like right away end up to be your enemies.  You can know someone for a long time and find out you really never knew them at all.  Have you ever been always nice to someone to find out they are talking behind your back?  AND>>>>>can you not help talking about others on occasion?  Have you ever met someone who just seems to always be talking bad about someone and you can’t help but wonder what they are saying about you?  Have you ever had a full conversation to find out later that the person you conversed with misinterpreted everything you said?

Some people just hate Cats….and some are called Crazy Cat Ladies.  (you rarely hear of a CRAZY CAT MAN)

They say the only person you can truly count on is yourself or God. I keep hoping that is not true.  It seems like you always find out where you stand with someone when you really need them to be honest with you and they choose not to.

Have you ever met someone who right away just doesn’t like you?  You only shook their hand and you already feel the vibe.  Does what a person looks like really give you the full picture of the person they are?  Do we mold our children to love all races , genders , and Cats or are they born with opinions of their own?

I have been taught all the different personality types and theories.  How we should understand why people do things to annoy us when how they are acting may be accepted by someone else.  Check out the following link.  I am The Protector (only 1% of us have this personality)  Lucky me. ???  Hey, maybe I’ll have another personality in my next life.  I have 9 of them. I have found that you don’t have to take the test.  You can click on the president looking dude and read all the different personalities.